Friday, December 20, 2013

Indian Art Paintings from the time immemorial

Indian art paintings replicate the rich culture and heritage of our country. They are actually boundless, diverse, inimitable, and historic just like India. Veteran artists through their paintings try to give life to their ideas and expressions about what they think and feel in relation to existing state of affairs for instance global warming, racism, spirituality, politics, bio-technology and the commercial angles amongst many others.

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As we all know that India has been considered a geographically and culturally diverse nation and due to which the Indian art paintings reflect different methodology and materials, but all we can say is that the fundamental concept or theme behind all the forms of artworks remain the same.

Indian paintings generally portray human figures, the beauty revolving around life, and beautiful and imaginative depiction of the subconscious mind. These paintings on the whole describe the time they were created in. Thus, every painting has very specific message to convey to the viewer.

There are numerous forms of Indian paintings; abstract, still life, pop, fantasy, landscape, and surreal are few to name. It holistically depends on the artist which form artwork he or she can sketch on the canvas very well.

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