Sunday, February 23, 2014

Few Facts About Indian Contemporary Paintings

Picasso once said, Paintings is another way of keeping Diary.”

Art history is very long and has many folds to uncover. Several of the art movements in earlier century had occurred and totally revamped the entire style of art. You can think of many art forms that gained attention after being ignored for a very long time. Our art styles are available in various forms that include sculptures, murals, miniature, figurative and contemporary art.

Art is the field of innovation and revolution, where there is no place for established perceptions. Artists  keep innovating new styles of art forms with their confident brush stroke that expresses strong passion and energy. Contemporary art pieces usually depict splendor of regular life that is beautifully expressed on canvas. On an Indian contemporary art piece, you can see birds pecking, women carrying pot of water, beautiful landscape of people performing mundane tasks and so on.

With the changing times and advent of revolutionization in art field, Indian contemporary art took a great dive and took a new direction. The Indian contemporary paintings or also known as modern Indian art are extremely influenced by the western concept of inspirational composition and mystery hidden in layers of vibrant colors.

Although, modern art style is inspired by the west, but its themes are co-related with Indian mythology, Hindu gods, women, emotions, etc. A perfect blend of modernity, tradition and cultural heritage makes it an instant like for the art lovers. With new artists emerging, the popularity and variety of contemporary Indian paintings is increasing exponentially today. History of Indian contemporary paintings and their evolution is quite interesting and absorbing in itself.

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