Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Figurative Art - Awe - Inspiring form of Art

Like emotions, colors are a reflection of life- Janice Glennaway
How true it becomes, when it comes to Figurative art, which is alternatively known as figurativism. It is a style in art forms that have convinced art lovers to a great extent. Such art form can be found predominantly in paintings and sculptures. Such ultimate style of paintings and sculptures are evidently replica of real objects. Hence, this art form can be defined as a representational art.

Image courtesy of Bahadur Singh / www.indianartideas.in

As a matter of fact, human and animal figures are quite frequent subjects in this style of artwork. It can be a portrait of a family member or a historical character. Usually, artists capture reality of life that will make you go in an awe-inspiring moment. Figurative art pieces are quite different from abstract art. It is mostly inspired by real life and often adds a very personal touch to the mood you may wish to create. Its sculpture form of art pieces reflects the beauty of our culture and heritage of past.

Seeing such ultimate range of art pieces is like that the whole canvas is attracting you towards itself. The constituents of figurative painting are truly geometric in nature. Every detail of such painting will attract you due to proper use of lines, shades - light and dark, color, texture, mass, volume and perspective. Thus, it excludes ancient paintings and sculptures from Egypt or Greek for their geometry and unrealistic imaginary forms. In past, this style had sought to join other branches of painting till Impressionism came in vogue.

For more info please visit: http://www.indianartideas.in/figurative-art.php


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