Thursday, January 23, 2014

How an Artist’s Mind Works?

A blank canvas is nothing but a white sheet that is waiting to come into its true form through brilliant mix of colors. And, only an artist is able to see its potential with his creative eyes that can see beyond. Everyone has talent, but an artist has something different and brilliant that cannot be measured in scale. Whenever he sees a particular object, he sees the potential beyond his limit. Thousands of thoughts, imagination, dreams and hopes get spilled down on the canvas and start taking the most awe-inspiring form of art.
Image courtesy of Lakhan Singh Jat /

Colors and thoughts play fun games with mind and result of it just leaves you speechless.

When an artist starts working, he stays focused in his in-depth thoughts and his hands keep on moving in synchronization. A simple visionary idea seems so much innovative, when it gets the wings of imagination. An artist’s imagination can collect stones in ocean’s depth, accompany birds in building small nests, enjoy a delicious treat with ants or just chase the train of thoughts till the horizon. They get so completely engrossed in the act of painting, that they forget almost everything.

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